Our Philosophy

Partnership with Advisors

We aim to be a partner to our financial advisors, not just a product provider.

The SPIAS team works together with financial advisors to help meet investment objectives with our model portfolios, but we also want to be a resource for their practices. We offer a number of programs to support our clients, including: participation in conferences and events, market and event driven updates, and ongoing model portfolio commentary and research. Your Regional Investment Consultant can provide additional information on our advisor support programs.

Risk-Adjusted Returns

SPIAS strategies are designed to focus on risk-adjusted, long-term capital appreciation.

Our belief in balancing the amount of risk involved in portfolio returns is embedded in our strategies’ investment processes. For example, the S&P 4 uses proprietary Quality Rankings in its selection process. The MAPs’ blended qualitative and quantitative investment process includes input from the Portfolio Strategy Committee, where risks are addressed collectively at the decision-making level.