Current Income Risk Questionnaire

Risk Profiler

Current Income


In how many years do you expect to start using your money from this account?

Do you plan to withdraw money from this account during the first one third of the time you have to invest?

If necessary, do you think that you would be able to postpone your objectives (ex. save for a longer periods; postpone / reduce withdrawals) or to use a lower amount?

How do you expect to use the money from this investment in the future ?

How concerned are you about the value of your investments relative to inflation?

Apart from the amount you will invest here, do you have savings equal to at least six months of your total monthly expenses that you would use in case of an emergency?

Does your unsecured (ex. Credit card) debt balances exceed your after-tax monthly income?

Do you or your spouse participate in a formal retirement savings program (ex. 401k, Keogh, company sponsored pension plan)?

In addition to the savings in Question 6, do you have other savings and investments in excess of 15% of your annual income OR does the equity in your home exceed $50,000 and represent at least 30% of the home’s market value?

Describe your expected income for the foreseeable future?

Which of these best describes what you think about investment strategies?

Suppose you initially invested $75,000 and that it grew over time to $100,000. Suppose further that your investment suddenly declined in value to $85,000, (a 15% drop). Would you:

Your investment, from the previous question, now worth $85,000, falls again to $80,750 (another 5%). Which best describes your response ?

Have you invested directly in common stocks?

One last step before you are guided to your result.

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